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Emergency Dentistry - Have Your Emergency Handled By A Professional

Dental EmergenciesIf you’ve ever experienced a dental emergency, you know just how anxious it can make you. Whether you’ve had a tooth knocked out, broken your dental appliance, or experienced a severe toothache, you will need an emergency visit to your Hunters Creek dentist. Not only can an emergency visit with a dental professional save you from a lot of pain and discomfort, it could also save your smile.

Reasons for Emergency Dental Visits

Lost tooth: If your tooth is knocked out, it may be saved if you can locate the tooth and get it to your dentist as quickly as possible. First, clean the tooth with water to remove any debris. Then try to reinsert the tooth into the socket until you can see your dentist. If you cannot reinsert the tooth, keep it in a cup of cold milk to transport it to your dental professional.

Orthodontic Emergencies: While wearing braces can be a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, the discomfort should lesson over time. In some cases, patients may break a bracket or have a wire come loose, which should be addressed by your Hunters Creek dentist as soon as possible.

Tooth Pain: A tooth that has been damaged either by injury or by decay can begin to ache. If the tooth becomes infected, you may experience unbearable pain that can radiate through the jaw. In these cases, it’s important to see your Hunters Creek emergency dentist as soon as possible, not only to relieve the pain but also to try to save the tooth and jaw from further infection and damage. You may need a root canal, or possibly an extraction in severe cases.

Gum Infections: If your gum develops a periodontal abscess or an infection, your dentist will need to clean the infected area and control the infection to avoid tooth loss and more serious problems. Untreated periodontal disease can cause infection to spread to other parts of your body, raising the risk for heart disease. If you feel swelling on your gums, contact your Hunters Creek dental professional immediately.

If you experience a dental emergency, contact Dr. Adel Mansour of Central Florida Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Hunters Creek for a consultation. Schedule your visit by calling (407) 483-9990.

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