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How Root Canal Therapy Can Save Your Smile

Whenever possible, it is optimal to keep as many natural teeth as you can—even at times when your dental pulp has become damaged or Root_Canalinfected. Here at Central Florida Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, your Hunters Creek dentist, Dr. Adel Mansour, performs root canal therapy to preserve the oral health and functionality of compromised teeth. Learn all about this restorative treatment here:


What is root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy removes inflamed and infected pulp from the center of a tooth's interior, as well as from the slender chamber inside each root. The treatment also disinfects these roots, reinforces them with a biocompatible putty (gutta percha), and strengthens the entire tooth structure with a filling or porcelain crown.

This procedure causes no more discomfort than a routine filling, and in fact, it eliminates the nagging issues that were previously plaguing your compromised tooth. After all, a cracked or infected tooth often exhibits periodic pain, as well as:

  • Foul-smelling discharge
  • Reddened gum tissue
  • A visible chip, crack or discoloration
  • Pimples on the gums



After your root canal treatment

Your Hunters Creek dentist recommends a softer diet and over-the-counter analgesics as needed. After about 10 days, you'll return to the office for final placement of your crown.

On a continuing basis, you'll care for your renewed tooth with daily flossing and twice-daily brushing. Additionally, you will need to avoid hard foods so that you don't damage your crown, as well as periodically see Dr. Mansour for your usual examinations and bi-annual cleanings.

Plus, you'll enjoy all the benefits that a natural tooth delivers:

  • Normal smile aesthetics with no gaps
  • Stable smile alignment (no tooth migration)
  • Efficient biting and chewing
  • Clear speech


Save your smile

When decay, injury, or extensive wear threaten the health and integrity of a tooth, you can still save it with root canal treatment from Dr. Adel Mansour of Central Florida Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Kissimmee, FL. Our office is open at 8 am Monday through Friday, and it is proud to serve the residents of Kissimmee, Hunters Creek, & Orlando, FL. Call today for an appointment: (407) 483-9990.

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